·• not all those who wander are lost •·

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Hi, this is Bea. I´m the owner of this blog and the one who is standing behind the words which are written here. I´m a 22 years old Swedish one who tries to always stay smiling through the days.

I see life as a gift, I think that people are stuck with the idea of a “perfect” life. They are searching instead of living, letting money and career control to much in life. I´m quite far away from the life most of us call perfect, because I decided to see the definition of what “a perfect life” is in a different way. Of course I´m scared and are worrying about things as anyone else, but the thing which scares me the most is to live my life without living it.

I have learned through my years of traveling that the things which makes me feel alive is adventures. Meet new people to learn from and extend my life with new experiences. Those things are pushing me to continue to live the way I do, continue to learn and grow. I have chosen to call my lifestyle live in seasons, because that´s what I have been doing the last three years. I´m living in seasons, letting the seasons decide where I´m going and what I´m doing. In the winter, I´m somewhere in the alps as I love to snowboard. The summer days, I´m spending on the road together with my beloved home on wheels.

I´m here to share my way of living the life and hopefully be a eyeopener for someone and to show that there are several ways to go to reach your definition of a perfect life.