CATCH UP: a reminder

The days are passing by faster than ever and sadly I had no time or power to write. I use this blog as a spot where I can let go of thoughts, write about things I have on my mind and share my days with those who´s not with me. I do it for fun and as soon as I require myself it becomes something else than I want it to be. I want it easy and I will keep it easy , so you have to live with an irregular flow of posts.

I have now been living, snowboarding and working in Italy for two months and I would lie if I said that it has been without any doubts. It´s now my fourth winterseason away from home and the ones I love. I have realized that I´m missing a lot of precious time with my family and friends. I have been in an unstably mood the last month, lots of heavy thoughts and I have been asking myself if this is right. But then I asked my self again, what is right?

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To live is right and that is exactly what I´m doing. I could stay home and use this precious time with my friends and family. That would make me happy. But I know that in the end I would be regretful. My life is superposed to be filled with adventures and trips, I would not be the same as I am today if is wasn´t for the things I have experienced. This is what I want. I want to grow, see and feel as much as I can. I want to live as much as I can, because we all know it can be over any minute.

As soon as I´m up on the mountains, on my snowboard with the cold fresh air on cheeks and in my lungs I know that I´m right. My mouth starts to smile without my control. I´m a lucky one who has the opportunity to work at Chalet Etoile, one of the best mountain restaurants in the world, with grate friends, right in the slopes on 3000 meters above the sea. I´m grateful.



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