I’M A TRAVELER: life analyzing 

The last days has been “home sick in bed” days. Everyone around is sick, typical first week in a season. So I am watching Netflix, crocheting, sleeping and trying to get better. It’s really painfull to just stay in when you know that everyone else is up on the mountain working and skiing. But enough of that, I will be better soon. 

What you have a lot of when you are home and sick is time, a lot of time. I have been using this time to analyze my life a bit.

I really like this season life which I have been living the last 3 years. I’m a traveler and I need to change surroundings ones in a while. I get bored without adventures and the world is to big to just stay at one place. 

What I like about it is to meet new people and extend my life with experiences. The thing I value the most it to learn. Learn about my self. Learn about others and learn about life. It’s also easier to realize what’s important in life when you are taking a step back from what you are use to do. To miss people, even those you will never see again, shows that you love. It makes me revalue where I put my energy and remembers me to never stop appreciate the people I have around.

I went for my fist winter season away with the wish that I would find out what I want to do in life. What I want to “be”. Now I’m in the beginning of my fourth season and I still don’t have the answer when people ask me what I want to do in the future. 

This scares me sometimes, to not know what I want to be. But then I have to remember myself that I am already something. I am me. I was born here to be me. To follow my wishes and dreams keeps me alive and taking me further in life even if I don’t have a clear final goal to reach. 

I have never felt so satisfied and relaxed with myself as I do now. I trust my self and feel comfortable with who I am. I am proud of the person I have become and I’m looking forward to meet myself in some years after I learned even more. 

I have learned that an open heart is the key to success. I don’t meen success as a career and money, I mean success in life. To meet people and face new experiences with an open mind and heart gives you more than money ever can do.

So be smart, be kind, show respect, spread love, share your happiness and it will come right back to you! 

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