A SEASON IN ITALY: the first days 

We are finally here, among the mountains and snow. I’m now located in the village Breuil-Cervinia, north Italy. In a super cozy tiny little penthouse apartment which I will share together with two other Swedish girls. This will be my home for the upcoming five mounts. 

I’m so happy to be here and to be honest it wasn’t the easiest thing to do to come here. I met one of the girls who I will stay with on the airport in Sweden. Together we managed to change flights, find busses, carry a lot of stuff thought Milano, get stuck in a metro door, wait four hours on a buss, run for a pizza in between a buss change and we did also lose each other ones without phones and no wifi. But now we are here, safe and happy. This trip will be a memory to laugh about many years from now. 

The first day was a day of, we got some time to unload our stuff and to make the apartment to be more ours. We had no food so the first meal together in our new home was porridge we could do out of some oats we found in a drawer from last season. So the second thing we had to do was to walk down to the village and buy some food. I was here during the summer with my family to hike and enjoy the nature, so I was already a bit familiar with the area. But everything looks so different when it’s covered in snow, different in a good way if you ask me as I love snow and winter more than anything else. 
We have to wait a bit more until we can try the slopes, some parts of the system is opened and so the restaurant where we will work. We have a lot to learn and the coming days will be a bit hard. A lot of new things, everything is in Italian, new people and a whole new life. But I’m looking forward to it and I hunger for new experiences. 

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