NEW ADVENTURE: a winter season in Italy

The winter is here and  I will move on to the next season. I just love winter, snow and snowboarding so I´m super exited and have missed the snow during the summer. I missed it so much so I had to go for a roadtripp with the van and summer-snowboarding in my neighboring country Norway, which you can read more about here: NORWAY: a “short” testride.

I started this season life directly after I graduated high school, I was 19 years old and wanted adventures. I thought that one or two seasons would be enough, now I´m 22 and are heading on to my fourth winter away. As soon as you start with the adventures you can´t stop and I can´t see a reason for me to stop with something which brings me life and happiness. This is life and we only lives it ones, don´t spend time on useless things which takes more then they give. Do what you want, look around, meet people with an open heart, learn and live.

The first winter season did I spend in the Swedish “mountains”, a ski resort called Lofsdalen. I was working as a ski lift attendants, that was amazing in many ways and it did wake my hunger for adventures and made me want more. When I was a kid my parents always went skiing with me and my little brother, one year we went to Austria and I saw the real mountains for the first time. I fell in love with the alps, the dazzling glaciers and the never ending view of step snow-capped peaks. I´m still just as in love as I was then, it´s just something special to be surrounded by mountains. It´s easier to remember what´s important in life and reduce the demands you have on yourself while facing the nature´s grandeur.

So the later two winter seasons did I spend working and snowboarding in Klosters Davos, Switzerland. I was working on a mountain-restaurant in the middle of the slope, I met fantastic people and learned a lot about life and myself. The second year was particularly fantastic as I had the chance to get to know a wonderful one year old little boy who stole my heart. We did spend most of our days together during the season and I discovered that when you have a little human with you while exploring the nature and life, it becomes in a higher level.

In two days my new adventure will begin and I will travel to my new home for this winter, this time I will go to Italy. I will spend my days in a tiny village called Breuil-Cervinia which is located in north Italy by the 4478 meters high mountain, Matterhorn.  I will also here work on a mountain-restaurant in the middle of the slope, named Charlet Etoile. I found this place and got the job while I was hiking in Cervinia with my family this summer. It´s a Swedish woman who owns and runs it and it´s a well known one. I´m super exited to start this new adventure and I´m looking forward to all the new experiences it will bring. It´s already some snow there and I hope for a lot of great snowboard-days this season.


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