THE SPICE RACK: impulsive creative ideas

I wanted it to bee seen and useful again after all those years, the time as forgotten and alone in a dark dusty corner is now over.

I am a impulsive person and when I get an idea I just have to do it. It can be any kind of ideas but most of the time it’s something creative and I just have to try it out. Sometimes it turns out that the idea didn’t work out at all or that it ends up totally different from what I did expect. But just because something didn’t work out as you wanted it doesn’t turns in to a failure, it’s an experience to learn from and to bring to the next idea or project. Now I’m not only talking about my creative ideas, this is something that I try to bring with me in everything I do. Because of that, not be scared of failing,  I feel less scared to jump in to new projects and experiences in life.

To take myself down to the earth a bit again and practically show you one of those impulsive ideas I would like to introduce, the spice rack. A terrific piece which is both a creative way of recycling and a practical thing which I think will be well used in the van. I found this old wooden box in my great grandfathers old summerhouse and just had to save it for a future project. I have been thinking about it since I found it and I wanted to do something special with it. It’s more then just a wooden box, it has a story in all those scratches, stamps and marks. I wanted it to bee seen and useful again after all those years, the time as forgotten and alone in a dark dusty corner is now over. With this new face it will be traveling around with me and the van as a trophy.


I’m extremely happy about how it turned out to be and it really fits into the atmosphere in the van. I have an idea to perhaps ad some more storage to it which will make it even more useful, but for now I’m satisfied. I just have to wait for another creative impulsive attack and then nobody knows how this will end.

As the kitchen basic is done and the fact that it was possible to see how the dimensions and angles should be I also started to look for a wood board. I wanted it to be big enough to create a kitchen counter in one piece. As you can see, the search was successful. You should have been noised by now that I’m not running to the store to by things like this. I’m recycling and are using as far as I can only already used materials. This can create some problems, or a better word which I prefer to use is challenges. Finding the perfect piece isn’t always the easiest thing to do and it requires a lot of patience. But this is my way, how I want to do it and I will stay with that. There is a lot more and also bigger challenges in life that are stealing power and energy. I will let this project be my power bank and let it take the time it needs. I think that it is something beautiful and peaceful around searching for the perfect piece.



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