THE KITCHEN: useful and necessary

But that is something I like, we will grow together.

After we tried out the van in Norway we got a lot of new inputs and ideas on what we really need in the van. Smart and usable storage is the main rule when it comes to compact living. You need smart solutions on any kind of situations that can happen, those situations is hard to predict before you have tried it out. My solution to this is simple, I believe it will emerge by the time I spend in it. This is a project which is never going to be completed, new ideas will always come and improvements will be done. But that is something I like, we will grow together.

My idea to use only recycled materials as long as it’s possible is also a reason for this project to take some more time. It can be frustrating when you have an idea but cant do it before you find a perfect piece of wood or the material you need. As I have been writing about before I am a lucky one who has access to my great grandfathers old summer house where he did store a huge collection of all kinds of building materials while he was still with us. Last time I found some drawers which I totally fell in love with and which I decided is going to be storage in the kitchen part.


I started to build the kitchen out of the dimensions of the drawers, it’s always easier when you have a base like this to start from. I used the same kind of tram rails as I did use for the bed and also the rest which was there from my old skate ramp. When I bought the van there was standing a aluminium bench inside and of course I had to find a way to use this one. As it is super light, already fits inside and actually has potential to be a beautiful and useful detail. I cleaned it, did take some unusable items away and now it is a part of the upcoming kitchen.


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