NORWAY: a “short” testride

If you did look up you did see the top of the mountain with the sparkling glacier and down the crystal clear seawater.

Me and my dad has been working on the van for a while now and I have been doing short trips with it just to try it out. Now when the bed is done and it´s actually possible to stay in it for more than one night, we wanted to try it out for real. We are both shearing the same passion about snowboard and skiing so we decided that this was the perfect moment to go to Norway and try summer-skiing for the first time.

Some days before we went I got some help from my best friends father to check the parts of the car that I know nothing about. We did change some hoses and cables, filters and oil. Refilled, cleaned and made it ready to sweat in the Norwegian mountains. And of we went.

People are talking about trips they want to do, visit places across the whole world and of course I´m one of them. But, my dear friends, please start with a trip to Norway. You can never find the same kind of nature and landscape anywhere else in the world. The mountains with the glaciers and at the same time the sea and never ending beaches. Even if this wasn’t the first time I traveled trough Norway it really made an impression on me and for sure it wasn’t the last time.


One day I will remember forever was starting with an early morning and a quick breakfast consisting a piece of bread and some water. The day before we did left from Stryn, the first summer-ski resort we did visit and we had been driving a lot of hours just to move from one glacier to another. We did reach Fonna glacier in the night and just parked the van by the road to get some sleep. After the powerful breakfast we had we did start to drive up the mountain and I can promise you that it’s hard to find a road who is similar to this one. Extremely narrow, steep and winding. If you did look up you did see the top of the mountain with the sparkling glacier and down the crystal clear seawater.

We did snowboard and ski the whole day with the sun in our faces and perfect snow conditions, it was hard to believe that it was in the end of June and nearly the middle of the summer. Tired as you are only after a day on the slopes we did drive the crazy road down again and did spend the afternoon bathing and relaxing by the sea. One of my most surreal  moments in life so far.

The van did served us well and did take us wherever we wanted to go. Everything did work as I did expect it to do, the rooftop window, the bed was perfect and the storage underneath as well. The kitchen part and more storage is still missing in the van and that is the next point on my to do list. But thanks to this trip I know now that I can trust the van and I also got some more building ideas about how I will do the rest.


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