MATTRESS: time to be creative

Better or worse is nothing I use to focus on, just the word different.

As everyone knows, a bed is not a bed until it has a mattress. So a mattress it needed to be. It sounds easy but I can tell you it was not. To start with this is a self build bed which is inside a car. The size is therefore not like a normal bed, which means that the mattresses you can find is not matching the bed. I got myself two foam rubber mattresses which is the easiest ones to cut in. I did cut them both so that they now together are creating the bed and a comfortable sofa. Lucky me they where already wrapped in a fabric that I liked and I just needed to do some small adjustments to make it fit with the new size of the mattress and it was done.

To boost the bed even more I have to speak about it a little bit more. As I love snowboarding I need a place in the van for my board, I found that under the bed would be the perfect spot. I did use some wood from my and my brothers old skate ramp to cover the side of the bed to not let the board fly around while driving. I also made a paintwork on the side which will bee seen when the bed is a sofa. I´m not so sure that I liked the way it turned out to look like but for now it is okey.


I have always been creative and through all of my past projects I have learned that in the end everything is looking different from what you did expected. Better or worse is nothing I use to focus on, just the word different. Many times I also making something more than ones, because through the time you are working with something you will notice that the way you did choose to go maybe wasn’t the best. But to be a bit cheesy, sometimes the way there is more exiting than the final goal. Which I think will be the main thought between me an my beloved van.



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