THE BED: worth more than any money can buy

No body is perfect, i´m definitely not. But to try to make something good out of the time we have is in my eyes close enough

As I have been writing about before I`m always trying to make environmentally conscious choices in life, as everyone should do those days. I´m trying to be aware of what kind of things I´m using, buying and eating. As we in the north has the privilege to live where we do we should take responsibility and not act like idiots. We have the opportunity to chose and decide most of the things in our lives and that´s what we should do. Just make sure to not do it in a selfish way.

I´m trying to keep my life as easy as I can and not bound my happiness around things. Of course those thoughts is also following me in to this van project. Even if this means that I bought a car which is a thing who makes me happy. My idea is that this car will help me to come closer to the easy life I want to have. To not own so much things and to not be a part of the system we now are having, “waste and by”. No body is perfect, i´m definitely not. But to try to make something good out of the time we have is in my eyes close enough.

As you should know by now i´m trying to use recycled materials in the van as far as its possible. I´m always checking every flea markets and secondhand stores that I can find. It´s like going on a treasure hunt and you never know what you will find. The best is when you get something from someone that you know because those things will always be the most valuable ones. This leads me into the thing I actually wanted to write about. The bed. After a lot of thinking, screwing and bad words has it now started to look like a bed/sofa.


The best thing about this one is the dark wood sticks which is creating the bed base. This is basically tram rails from the time when my great grandfather still ruled. He drove the first trams in Gothenburg  and he did collect everything which was old when the train were renovated. He build a whole house out of those things and this one is still standing. With both tram windows and doors. This is really fascinating and inspires me to keep on going with this recycle idea. Thanks to my old great grandfather I´m now having a bed worth more than any money can buy. This is more than just recycling, it´s a meaningful way of keeping the old beloved ones alive .



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