ROOFTOP WINDOW: making a hole in the roof

The “make it stay” part was a bit tricky and I had to use a lot more glue than I did expect

What is a camper-van without a rooftop window, which will give you some fresh air while falling asleep watching the stars. For me it was important that the glass was clear, not only because I want to be able to see the stars also because it helps to light up the van with all the daylight which is passing through. Another important thing about the window is that it should let fresh air in even if it´s closed, especially when my plan is to use a gas stove. There is to many sad stories where gas is the reason of a disaster which I don´t want to repeat. I will maybe put some more ventilation as a compliment to the window to really let the air travel through, but for now this will be enough.

To make a hole in the roof on my beloved car was an emotional and scary thing to do. I did make sure that everything was right at least one hundred times before. The hole was easy to make but to make the window fit was a bit more tricky. I bought a caravan-window and normally the roof is a lot more thicker than the roof is in my van. I had to make it thicker with some wooden studs so that I could be sure that it would stay even while driving on the highway.




When I bought the van there where already some customized wood boards on the walls which I of course decided to keep. That was the easiest way because the angles were already there and because of the recycling purposes. I have been doing some refreshments on them with some paint that I found from a project I had last summer. The paint I did use was not enough to cover all of the walls therefore the walls has two different colors. Lucky me the colors fits perfect together so no worries, everything is fine.

The insulation of the roof is also completely done, I did use a flexible thin styrofoam which has a great insulation capacity and was cheap. I used a strong all round glue to make it stay. The “make it stay” part was a bit tricky and I had to use a lot more glue than I did expect. I`m happy that it´s now done but also surprised about how good it turned out to be. It makes it a lot more quiet, cozy and warm inside the living area. It has a soft dark gray color which fits perfect with the colors I did put on the walls.




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