FLOOR: a puzzle for adults

But as I said, i´m the storyteller and I will not tell you about things like this.

The floor is now done and I couldn’t be more happy about how it turned out to be. As I described before I used Styrofoam for the insulation of the floor and then some plastic for an extra protection against condensation. On top of that I did now put the beautiful wood floor which is a laminate floor. I did choose that one because it super easy to work with, its light and it´s the cheapest one you can find. It´s easy because you need nothing to make it stay together or keep it down. Its just a “klick” and they are there. The dimension of the floorboards were perfect in the way that most of them did fit in without a cut, which facilitated the work a lot.

I have never been doing a floor before and especially not in a car, it took me therefore a while to figure out which way was the best. I tried a lot of different complicated methods to get all the strange and difficult angles. But in the end the best thing to use was a simple paper, pen and scissor.


As you can see I used the paper template to draw the angles on the floorboards. I did cut it out with a jigsaw and now i´m just missing some baseboards for the final touch. Then it´s all clear. At least we can pretend that it was easy like this…

I am happy that i´m the controller of the things which are ending up on this blog. If my brother would tell this floor story I am sure that he would focus on all the bad words I said and for sure not forget how many times I did cut the same thing over and over again to make it fit. But as I said, i´m the storyteller and I will not tell you about things like this.


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