THE STORY BEGINS: making plans

One of my goals, as far as its possible only use things who is already used.

Ever since I was a kid I had this dream, that one day I will drive around in my own old vw van. The dream has not always been to build a transporter into a living area all by my self, it was more about buy an already done one. But through the time passed the dream changed and of course I should build my own one, there is no other possibilities to get it exatly the way I want it. After years of searching I finally found it on internet and 10 minutes after it was mine. Even if I know nothing about cars and how to build a tiny home inside a car.. I just saw that this one was mine. It is a 99 born vw transporter tdi 2,5 with a raised roof. The name of her I believe will emerge and of curse it´s a her, anyone can see that…


So I´m now the owner and she is parked outside my window. How do I start? Fortunately there is plenty of van inspiring projects on social media and through the recent years I have been checking every corner and learned a lot. I´m a bit overwhelmed by all the different types of methods and strategies people has been using so I decided to draw a conclusion, rely on my self and common sense.

I´m a lucky one and has a father who is super interested in my “tiny” project and he is also a great hobby carpenter. It´s always nice to have a helping hand and someone to discuss ideas with. We are both environmentally conscious and we think that it is important to always take care of what we have, recycle as much as we can and always make active choices. Therefore, will I use all the old timber and furnishings that I can find at home, in the forest and at people around. I will also continuing as always, to run on every secondhand stores and flea markets that i can find. I see it as one of my goals, as far as its possible only use things who is already used to create this home on wheels.



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