NEW CHAPTER: one adventure is over so lets walk on to the next one

It’s time. I have been thinking about start to write in English for a while now and now is the time. I want that everyone who wants to follow us on our adventures can do it and also understand what we are writing about. Or every one has to learn Swedish.. But I suppose that this is the easiest way. So hello to everyone who did not not understand before, welcome to live in season.

We are two Swedish girls who has been living in Switzerland for five months now. We have been snowboarding a lot and also worked on a restaurant. Which you can read a lot about in the past posts. Now the snow is gone and the summer is coming. That means, new adventures.

So I bought a vw transporter and the plan is to transform it into a home on wheels. So from now on this car is going to be the most common topic here on the blogg. I will shear everything about how this car will transform into a living area. I am also searching for promoters and people who has done this before. Are you one of those ones feel free to contact me.


This is the start of a new chapter and a lot of new adventures. Join us!

Home is not a place, it’s a feeling.



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